To be a florist you must have passion. If you lack it, you are not capable to transmit any sensation.

Technique is learned, taste is acquired, but creativity is innate.


Art is always with us one way or another. It can catch our attention, hearing, smell, touch
and taste. Art complements our needs and it merges in a very subtle way with our everyday
I am passionate about delicacy, perfection, harmony, aesthetics and beauty in all its faces
and in each and every single project I work on to achieve coherence and versatility.



My professional career is based on my knowledge, my background and my
The advice, the support i provide, is useful and understanding. I attend to diversity of customers based on what their needs are.

Corporate advertising – logos
aesthetic appeal – global image of the space
logistics – sections within the space
promotion – display on social networks
products – stock reviews and new purchases
employee training – both online and face-to-face meetings
events – organization of events to strengthen the business


Being a teacher, a good one, involves updating yourself constantly, documenting everything you want to transmit.

In my workshops I not only share knowledge but sensations and emotions.
I am inspired by the environment such as nature, architecture, sculpture and painting. The performing and plastic arts nourish my knowledge too. I share all of this with my students helping them develop in their professional lives.
The pleasure we share is great.




Arquitectura Floral Barcelona

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THE FLOOS COLLECTIONS – 99 Ideas for Wedding Flowers

Bridal bouquets, floral jewelry and centerpieces for celebrations.
29.90€ + Shipping costs.
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Discover the most outstanding floral design works of the FLOOS season 2017-2018, all gathered in book format and explained step by step by the same florist masters who created them, including Jordi Abelló.
49€ + Shipping costs.
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A fusion of arts which played to a full house at the Auditorio in Guia de Isora, Tenerife.
A show where music, dance and flowers came together to show beauty, elegance and movement, is short, effective art as a whole.
I was proud to share this creation with Carlos Curbelo, a great designer and a great friend. It was a dream which came true. Thanks to those who collaborated such as technicians and thanks to the Guia de Isora Council for making it possible too.


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