Create well-designed spaces

Applying practicality to a renewal al means a great succes


Art is always with us one way or another. It can catch our attention, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Art complements our needs and it merges in a very subtle way with our everyday life.
I am passionate about delicacy, perfection, harmony, aesthetics and beauty in all the faces and in each and every single project I work on to achieve coherence and versatility.

To get to a perfect project, a strong and deep connection with the client is a must in each project Abellostudi is involved.



My professional career is based on my knowledge, my background and my
experience. The advice, the support i provide, is useful and understanding. I
attend to diversity of customers based on what their needs are.

· Corporate advertising – logos
· Aesthetic appeal – global image of the space.
· Logistics – sections within the space
· Promotion – display on social networks
· Products – stock reviews and new purchases.
· Employee training – both online and face to face meetings
· Events – organisation of events to strengthen the business


When refurbishing a space, listening to the client’s opinions and understanding his or her needs are my main objective. My target is to join aesthetics, coherence, personality and practicality to obtain the best result.


Products need to seduce the customers. The place where to show them must be accessible
and eye-catching.
Adequate furniture where to place the products is necessary and this has to be adaptable to
each and every circumstance. Placing the products at discontinuous rhythms and chromatic
harmonies according to the season Is a must-do task.


Designing and ephemeral space requires an exhaustive cost calculation. It must also be
attractive, so it creates a good impact to the visitors.


Create a special and magical space to seduce couples and guests on this very special day.



Branding refers to the process of helping a company name to become well-known.

The brand is formed by the logo, a symbol made up of images or letters which helps to identify a company, brand, business and everything related to them branding is vital to make a company work as it strengthens the brand and contributes to get to its potential clients.

Creativity is so a fundamental and key factor.



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